Welcome Helaís handmade individual and exclusive jewellery can be worn on any occasion. Itís simple, subtle elegance enhances any mood and is chosen for you to express your inner being. It has rhythm, energy and balance that create a comfortable yet stimulating feel. From the delicate to the bold there is something for everyone. A Personal Statement I see my work as an art form. When someone wears one of my pieces, I like to think that they are wearing a piece of art. Decorative Art, that doesn't sit still on a gallery wall. It moves about, the wearer takes it to the people.  † Each piece is like an essay in metal and gems. It has a beginning, middle and end. The end is transient.  † My ideas come from all aspects of life. Nothing passes by without scrutiny, and much mental thought as to how things can be used immediately, adapted, or stored away for future use. I am influenced by the line and curve of architecture, the spaces in and around buildings and objects, fabrics and textiles. The three dimensional forms of sculpture, and the flow of organic materials.  † I try to make each piece a challenge of design and manufacture, working within the limits of my materials. I look for the unusual within the usual, and try to focus on a new interpretation, a different way of saying things, and presenting a fresh and original view. I like simple designs that are unique. My aim is to produce elegant modern wearable jewellery, which is aesthetically pleasing, affordable and stimulates comment.  † Each piece is an individual with character and attitude. Hela Bonnell.
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